May 17, 2021

Updates on Kaleb's Businesses

With Spellman Designs fully launched and running smoothly, it gives me the opportunity to explore new ventures, and build more of my passion projects.

It is no secret that I am heavy into entrepreneurship, as well as supporting local. I believe growing up in  a small town really laid the foundation for where I am now.

Although Spellman Designs has been around for a while, I am happy with the recent brand updates and am proud of how far it has come along.

I did want to take a minute and update everyone on the status of some other projects I have been working on outside of Spellman Designs.

Many people know about my recent launch of Parasports Life Apparel. However; there has been some changes to its business model. Parasports Life is currently in the works of partnering with a local print shop, Stay Golden Custom, located in Prince Edward Island.

A recent announcement was a new partnership between MacKenzie Hayes and myself. MacKenzie and I will be founding K+M Records (currently a name change in progress). K+M Records will be a on stop shop for musicians in New Brunswick; distributing music to Spotify / Apple Music (and related),securing gigs and venues, graphic design services, and recording in the future. This will officially launch the start of 2022.

A project that has been on and off the back burner for awhile now is Diverse Apparel. Diverse was a well-received design project from college. I have had it on the back burner due to ongoing conversations on how it should be done, which foundations the profits will go to, and the overall message behind it. I have some more research to do, but am planning on launching late summer 2021.

Spellman Apparel has been in and out of production for awhile. It was originally part of the now folded Spellman Designs Online Shop. It includes Sussex Proud Designs, Eat Sleep Hunt, Ability Collection, and more. It recently got its own fresh brand and will be ready to release this summer!

K.S. & CO was another collection on the Spellman Designs Online Shop. Now separated into its own brand, K.S. & CO will bring vibrant all-over-print designs to production this fall.

Growing up, instead of buying cards, I would make my own and draw the Hallmark logo on the back of them for family and friends. Eventually, I began putting “Kaleb’s Kards” on the back of them instead of hallmark. It has always been on my mind to run my own greeting card business. Officially called Designed by Kaleb, a new online store will be announced this summer.

I just want to want to thank everyone for all of the support over the years. From KNJ Coasters and More / K&R Woodworks / South Branch Creations, to Spellman Designs, and Parasports Life, your support does not go unnoticed.

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